Scientific studies and post-marketing studies confirm the extraordinary effect of the water from the Aquamedica source on inflammatory and infectious skin diseases.

Study report "Atopic Dermatitis" of the Medical University of Graz

Conclusion of the Medical University of Graz / Department of Dermatology and Venereology:

In progression of a clinical study of the Department of Dermatology and Venerology Graz study number 19-172 ex 07/08, it could be identified, that after regular use of the water by AquaMedica a significant clinical improvement of the lesions and an increase in the moisture content of the skin occured with all patients tested:

"The present study results a long term positive effect of therapy can be established with Thaddäusquelle in atopic dermatitis. This is in particular confirmed by evidence that after completion of the therapy a statistically significant improvement of the lesions in patients and an increase in the moisture content of the skin. "This is in line with the observations of the ordering party, which report of the improvement in patients with different inflammatory skin diseases after local application of Thaddäusquelle."

Balneology and medical opinion of the Medical University of Graz

Conclusion: In summary, it can be scientifically recognized that the spring water from the AquaMedica source exerts healing in infectious and inflammatory skin diseases without changing its natural composition, or such an outcome can be expected.

Post-marketing surveillance Reinhold P. Lautner

Conclusion: Very good response with clear improvement in metric values of the skin, and also external dermatology. A dermatological recommendation for use in superficial skin diseases can be positively given. For serious illnesses with thicker skin profile, the water ingredients should be used as an additional application.

Institute for Chemistry at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz

Conclusion: The healing water analysis 2006 shows that the water resources of the Thaddäusstollen is in the framework of the legal requirements for medicinal waters due to the high mineralization of over 4000 mg / kg and the high share of bivalent iron.

Post-marketing surveillance Dr. Klaus Toblier

The products medicinal water / SOS cream have been applied in a reference period from 3-4 weeks in 19 patients at the age of 6 months and 47 years.

Conclusion: Overall, there was an average improvement of about 74% in all patients. The combination of AquaMedica water in combination with the Aquamedica SOS cream leads to an extended period of improvement, as well as an improvement of itching, burning, dryness and tightness combined with good tolerability.