Help with Psoriasis

Psoriasis severely restricts the quality of life of the patients in a painful way and represents a strong mental strain. Especially in fall and in the winter months patients tell us more about spurts, because the skin is very dry due to the prolonged stays in dry indoor air and thus making them more vulnerable.

All the more we are very pleased, if we can provide help for affected patients: The (cortisone free!) AquaMedica products are proven to generally improve the skin conditions in psoriasis patients, support the effect of anti inflammatory agents, and so naturally contribute to greater well-being and a considerable improvement in the quality of life.

When psoriasis occurs on the scalp - and unfortunately this often happens - you often don't know anymore how to wash your hair. You can't wear a hat at all times. Here we recommend the AquaMedica shampoo: it increases the moisture and fat content of the scalp, acts itch relieving, soothes and protects the skin, promotes the regeneration of skin cells and even helps with better combability of hair. It is well suited for children since it is fragrance-free, free from paraffin oils, silicone oils and parabens.

If psoriasis plaques (inflamed, scaly patches on the skin) develop on the elbows, knees, on the face or the coccyx... an effective body treatment is of fundamental importance, so that a further spreading of the disease is achieved. The highly moisturizing and nourishing shower and bath oil by AquaMedica contains more than 48 percent natural oils, is dermatologically tested and confirmed in its soothing effect on Psoriasis Vulgaris.

To keep the skin relaxed in the winter months and to keep the itching within tolerable limits in dry, closed offices, shops, classrooms.. there is the top-quality care lotion by AquaMedica: is rich in minerals, supports wound healing and feels - because it smoothes out the skin - also wonderful on the skin. Also the SOS cream of AquaMedica is suitable for immediate assistance for newly infected areas: the skin becomes soft and the wound healing is greatly supported.

We are very pleased:

  • • If we could make your life a little easier with our recommendations.
  • • and if you evaluate our AquaMediaca products.

For sharing your experiences, you can help other patients who suffer from psoriasis to get through the winter as best as possible.

A stress-free life with a balanced, mostly meat-free diet, salt baths, sunlight and comfortable, non-synthetic clothing also affects the symptoms of psoriasis. Also a spa in the springs of Kangal (Turkey) is advisable, if feasible. The water is enriched with calcium, magnesium, sulphate, selenium and hydro-carbonate - and there are fish in it that nibble away on your scales.

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Aquatadeus Medicinal Water Spray

Aquatadeus Medicinal Water Spray 125 ml

  • Free of silicone oils, parabens and paraffin oils
  • Moisturizing
  • Vegan
Aquatadeus Cream

Aquatadeus Cream 50 ml

  • Cortisone free
  • Free form silicone oils
  • Promotes wound healing
Aquatadeus Shampoo

Aquatadeus Shampoo 200 ml

  • No cortisone
  • Combats itchiness
  • For skin prone to atopic dermatitis & psoriasis