Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed - Risk free!

30 days trial period or money back!

If you have not experienced satisfactory results with our Medicinal Spray Water within a 30-day period, simply email us at detailing the skin problem you are suffering from, which body part is affected and what your experience was using our Medicinal Spray Water, and you will receive a full refund. 

The refund applies to all our Aquatadeus products. 

Returns from Germany

Contact our Customer Care (free hotline : 0800 07 104 7002) to issue an immediate refund. 

Returns from Austria

Returns within Austria are free of charge. Return your ordered products to: 

niceshops GmbH
Lugitschstrasse 4
8330 - Feldbach

Please note the above-mentioned notice to include a reason of return. Thank you.
Your refund will be issued as soon as possible, depending on the method of payment chosen.